FAFSA 2024更新

Due to nationwide delays in the FAFSA process, all new and returning students will receive their financial aid awards later than usual this year. FAFSA 2024 FAQs

Loyola has extended the enrollment deposit deadline for incoming first-year students to June 1, 2024. 阅读全文

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The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) allows a tax credit to be claimed for out-of-pocket payments made to 易胜博 for the tax year for tuition and certain fees. The IRS requires that we provide the 1098-T statement to you for your use in completing IRS Form 8863. 收费的详细清单, payments, grants, and scholarships is available on our website through your LORA account. We recommend that you refer to that information to assist in determining the amount of credit which may be claimed on your behalf. This information must not be construed as tax advice. The amounts and calculations used to determine the credit are the decision of the taxpayer after consideration of relevant IRS regulations, Form 8863, and, perhaps, 税务顾问的建议. Click here for more information on the IRS website.

Do we have your correct SSN and address?  用洛约拉的W-9S表格更新一下.

If you wish to print a copy of your 1098-T form, please 遵循以下步骤:

  1. 点击这里进入 ECSI WEBSITE (也称为Heartland ECSI) 
  2. Create an ECSI account with your Heartland Key.  This key was emailed to you when you opted to receive an electronic 1098-T form. If you do not have a key, please contact ECSI Customer Support or see 获取心脏地带密钥的说明.
  3. If you already have registered with ECSI, just proceed to log into your account.
  4. If you encounter any problems accessing your 1098-T please use the LIVE CHAT button or call ECSI toll free at 1-888-549-3274 or 1-866-428-1098. Due to high call volume, there may be a wait time to reach a representative.
The ECSI Student Tax Information webpage is a great source of information on the tax incentives that may be available to you. Listed below is the link to the IRS webpage on Education Credits.


Frequently Asked Questions About the 1098-T Form:

Question: 为什么我收到1098-T?

Answer: Each university is required by law to report to IRS the names of all students who were enrolled in any course for credit during the previous calendar year and if any was graduate coursework. In addition, universities are required to notify the individual that the IRS has been provided with this information.

Question: 这些金额是什么意思?

Answer: The amount in Box 1 represents qualified tuition and related expenses for which we received payment during the tax year.  This may include expenses for the following Spring semester that were paid in the previous tax year prior to December 31st.  The amount in Box 5 represents scholarships and grants we processed during the calendar year.

Question: 我该怎么处理这张表格?

Answer: 把它和你的税务记录放在一起. You or your parents may be allowed to claim the American Opportunity or Lifetime Learning credit on your or your parents’ tax return.  Please check with your tax return preparer for eligible amounts.

Question: How do I know how much I paid in tuition?

Answer: You should keep your tuition statements for each semester and refer to them when preparing your tax return. If you cannot locate the statements, you may access your account at LORA. Be sure to keep a copy of the 1098-T with your payment and tax records.

Question: Can I choose to receive my 1098-T form electronically?

Answer: You can choose to obtain your 1098-T form electronically and usually this is a faster way to get yours!  Visit ECSI's electronic consent webpage and submit the requested information.  一旦1098-T生成, you will be sent an email instructing you to the web site for access to your 1098-T.  You may change your consent at any time by logging into your 学生账户页面 or by calling ECSI's 1098-T Hotline at (866) 428-1098. 

Question: If I lost my 1098-T can I get a new copy?

Answer: 为了快速访问,您可以登录到 LORA and view/print your 1098-T information under the ‘Tuition and Billing’ menu. 

Or, you may print a copy of the 1098-T we originally sent you from ECSI’s website; instructions are listed above.  ECSI originally mailed the form on our behalf and their website is a great source of information and resources for the 1098-T and claiming an education credit. We encourage you to visit this site and their links to IRS.